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Amp 1: Messenger
Stephen Arseneault
Mankind's fate lies in the
hands of an ordinary man,
Don Grange. Will he
meet the challenge that
fate has brought him to?
The Stormglass
Tim Pratt & Anthony
Great action adventure
for middle-school readers.
Kirkus compares it
to James Bond.
The Chosen
K. F. Breene
Shanti is chosen to lead the Shadow Warriors to freedom in this the first of a series.
The Code Book
Simon Singh
Tracing the history of keeping
secrets, Singh tells the
power of encryption, how
it has won wars and now
keeps the Internet secure.
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Steam City Pirates
Jim Musgrave
If you like steampunk
mysteries, reviewers say
you'll like this story of
detective Patrick O'Malley
in 19th century New
York City.
The Book of
Hours: A Novel
Davis Bunn
Brian Blackstone's only
desire is to honor his
wife's last wishes and
keep the crumbling
mansion. But is there
more to its history
than he ever realized?
The Science of
Patrick Di Justo
An insiders guide to
the genetics, space
travel and technology
of this popular SciFi
channel series.
The Martian:
A Novel
Andy Weir
After a violent dust storm
the rest of his crew
leaves him for dead on
the Martian surface.
The personal, log entries
will pull you into the
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